New Resident Information

Emergency Notification 

During an emergency, disaster, or inclement weather, turn to radio stations 720 AM or 780 AM for the most up-to-date emergency notice information for Cook County. In addition, residents can develop a Safety Profile that provides 911 call takers with your home and work addresses and any additional information, including medical conditions, pets in the home, vehicle details, and emergency contacts.  Click here to learn more about the Smart911 Safety Profile.

Waste Service

New residents should contact Waste Management to establish waste collection service.  Click here for more information.

Water Service

In order to begin water and sanitary service, new residents must provide the required information and identification. Click here for more information.


Vehicle Stickers

Vehicle stickers are required for all vehicles registered or stored in the Village. Find more information regarding vehicle stickers.


Alarm User Permits

All alarm systems in the Village must receive an Alarm User Permit, which must be renewed every two years. View the Alarm User Permit Application. The Village imposes service charges for repeated false alarms.

Get to Know the Businesses

Northfield is lucky to be home to a number of locally-owned shops and services.  Check them out here.

On-Street Parking

Per Village Code, there is no on-street parking on Village streets from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. To accommodate guests and special circumstances, residents can call the Police Department to request permission for overnight parking. Parking is never allowed on New Willow Road, Sunset Ridge Road, Wagner Road (from Willow to Winnetka Roads), and Waukegan Road.

Pet Registration

Residents who own horses, dogs, or cats are required to register their pets for a one-time fee of $25. Once a pet has been registered with the Village, residents are not required to renew this registration. A registration tag will be issued with the animal’s name; the owner’s name, address and telephone number; and a Village registration number. Please note that state and county laws require that animals have annual rabies vaccinations and tags. View the Pet Registration Form.

Sidewalk Replacement Program

The Village evaluates all sidewalks annually and replaces those in need of repair. If you would like the sidewalk in front of your home replaced, but it does not meet the Village’s requirements for repair, the Village will replace it with a 50% cost-sharing agreement. Under no circumstances may a homeowner replace a sidewalk without consulting the Village. 


Tree Planting Program

The Village offers a Tree Planting Program in the late summer and early fall for residents to purchase and plant appropriate trees for their parkway. Trees purchased through the program are offered at a 50% cost-sharing agreement with residents, and the planting is conducted by the Village’s contractor.  More information can be found here.


Drainage Ditch Installation Program

In areas where an existing storm drainage ditch is in place in the Village’s right-of-way, residents may request that the ditch be replaced with a piped system to be paid by a 50% cost-sharing agreement between the resident and the Village. After installation, the piped system shall be the maintenance responsibility of the Village.