Vehicle Stickers

Vehicle stickers are required for all vehicles registered or stored in the Village. Passenger vehicles, recreational vehicles, and trucks must display a vehicle sticker in the lower corner of the driver’s side front window. Motorcycles and trailers will be provided with mountable medallions that must be displayed.

Vehicle Sticker Prices

Type of Vehicle
Sticker Price
Passenger Vehicle
Motorcycle $35
Trailer $20 - $75
Truck $60 - $120

Annual Renewal

Annual stickers must be purchased and displayed by July 1 of each year. Vehicle sticker application and payment can be submitted at Village Hall or through the mail. View the Vehicle Sticker Application here.

New residents or new vehicle purchases must receive a vehicle sticker within 30 days after residing in the Village or completion of the vehicle sale. A penalty of 50% of the sticker fee will be added to the cost for any purchase after June 30.