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To apply for employment, visit our employment opportunities page.

For new construction, additions or remodeling projects, you will need the Building Construction Permit Submission List, Application for Building Permit, Application for Electrical Work, Application for HVAC Work, Application for Plumbing Work, Application for Roofing Work, Application for Tree Preservation/Removal and Floor Area Ratio Worksheet.

General contractors do not need to be registered in Northfield.  We do not require anything from general contractors.  For electrical and hvac contractors, we accept any City or Village they are licensed/registered.  For plumbing contractors, a letter of intent and a copy of the 055 and 058 licenses is required along with the plumbing application.  A copy of the State of Illinois Roofing license must be submitted with the roofing application.  For driveway/patio/grading permits, please submit a copy of the plat of survey or plan showing the work and proposal along with the application.

Permits can be e-mailed to Chris Stanke at  Please be sure to include the property address in the subject line of the e-mail.

Detailed information regarding regulations and restrictions for development is located in Appendix C of the Village Code.